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Genesis Gold generates high quality gold exploration properties

Finding the best exploration properties is the first step to your success. You can either find your own, an expensive and time-consuming process, or lease turn-key exploration projects in an area where huge gold deposits are present and previous experience is key.

Nevada in the western US is one of the best prospects if you’re looking for great exploration potential. It is home to numerous world-class gold deposits, and continues to provide new discoveries and big mines. It’s no wonder many investors are willing to lease exploration properties within the state.

We Generate Opportunities

Genesis Gold, a privately owned corporation, specializes in generating high quality gold, silver, and copper exploration properties. We use cutting-edge technology to locate precious metal prospects within one of the world’s best mining regions. We’ve been providing investors with excellent projects for over 15 years. Our team members have worked in the mining industry for several decades and have expertise in all aspects of exploration.

We Make Acquiring Prospects Easier

In our continued efforts to find the best mining prospects in the western United States, we’ve acquired a number of Nevada gold properties that are ready for lease. We have posted summary reports here for some of the best available projects in our portfolio.

Genesis Gold offers a number of properties with excellent gold exploration potential. Contact us so for more information.

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