Cortez East Gold Project

Lease Status: Lease Pending

Exploration Target: Muilti-million oz. Carlin style gold deposit hosted in lower plate.

Property Highlights:

  • Several BLEG stream sediment gold anomalies outline a large area which is prospective for gold deposits.
  • The anomalies sit just 7.5 miles east of 8 million oz discovered at Red Hills and Gold Rush.
  • Target sits on apex of large anticline underlain by Jurassic Intrusive.
  • The next anticline to the west hosts + 30 million ounces of gold.
  • Outcrops and sub-crops of silicified breccias occur along a prominent NW structural zone.
  • Past operator hit a 40 ft. intercept @ .028 opt au along the northwest oriented structural zone.
  • Surface rock chip assays - 1 opt Au in qtz vein breccia, 2 g/t Au in untested mafic dike.
  • The most prospective lower plate stratigraphy remains untested at depth.
  • Property displays excellent potential to host giant Carlin-style deposits.

Project Setting:

The Cortez East prospect is located in north-central Nevada about 37 miles southwest of Carlin Nevada. The prospect sits just 7.5 miles east of Barrrick’s new gold discovery at Gold Rush, reported to contain approximately 8 million ounces of gold. The nearest past producer is Buckhorn located 4 miles to the west of Cortez East where Cominco produced over 1.2 million ounces of gold. Genesis staked a preliminary claim block of 46 claims in order to control the key target area. With the exception of two small pre-existing claim blocks, the prospective ground adjacent to the existing claim block is open for location.

Exploration Target:

The Cortez East geochemical anomaly centers over a large anticline. The next anticline to the west hosts + 30 million ounces of gold. The anticline is coincident with a large magnetic high indicating that the entire dome is underlain by a buried intrusive. A through going NW trending mineralized structural zone parallels the crest of the anti-form. Anomalous gold geochemistry, anticlines, NW oriented structures and buried intrusives are four critical elements to the predictive model for Carlin style gold exploration in the region.

A receptive host rock is the fifth critical element to the predictive model. The rocks at the surface consist of Pennsylvanian age conglomerates of the Overlap sequence and cherts and argillites of the Ordovician Valmy formation. Below the Valmy formation lays the carbonates of lower plate of the Roberts Mountain thrust. Those carbonates host most of the giant gold deposits in Nevada and such provide a compelling exploration target. Both the Overlap sequence and lower plate carbonates are excellent host rocks for gold mineralization. Initial exploration would target the northwest trending structural zone where it cuts the overlap section and where it cuts the lower plate carbonates.

Proposed Exploration Program:

Exploration should consist of rigorous geologic mapping, detailed soil and rock chip sampling, and a gravity survey designed to help with structural interpretation and pinpoint the location with shallowest depths to lower plate. That work should be followed with an aggressive drill program.


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