Quinn Gold Project

Lease Status: Available

Exploration Target: Carlin-type gold mineralization in and near numerous huge jasperoids carrying up to 2.6 g/t Au at surface.

Project Highlights:

  • Widespread jasperoid development in Middle Paleozoic carbonate stratigraphy, much of it unsampled.
  • Two large undrilled jasperoids (up to 600m wide) contain numerous plus 1 g/t Au samples, including continuous chip channel samples carrying 1.045 g/t Au over 16.5 m and another carrying 0.512 g/t Au over 61.6 m (includes 25m @ 0.935 g/t Au) .
  • Modern work (1982-89) included very little drilling except one small area.
  • Very early stage project, rock chip sampling only.

Property Location:

The Quinn project is located in the south Quinn Canyon Range in northeastern Nye County, about 80 miles southeast of Ely, Nevada. The land is all Toiyabe National Forest, mostly within their “roadless – new road building allowed” classification.

Exploration Target:

The target at Quinn will be Carlin-type gold deposits that are so prolific in Nevada. The stratigraphy at Quinn is partly correlative with that at Long Canyon and Alligator Ridge and similar targets may exist at Quinn.

Geology: The Quinn project is located on two separate blocks of Middle Paleozoic carbonate/clastic units encompassing an area of at least 10 square miles. Rock units exposed within range from the Ordovician Pogonip up to Devonian/Mississippian shale. The Paleozoic rocks are intruded by and surrounded by Tertiary volcanic and intrusive rocks.

Alteration at the surface as presently known consists mainly widespread small to extremely large jasperoid bodies. One prospect pit shows some decalcification alteration.

Property History and Results:

Some of the jasperoids were prospected for fluorite in the 1950s and 60s with some activity for gold in the early 1980s. One small area with jasperoids (unsampled) just northeast of the claim block was drilled around 1983. Some old base metal prospects also exist in the area.

Aurion Resources leased the property for 2 years from Genesis. Aurion’s main effort included the collection of over 600 surface rock chip samples, including several lines of continuous chip channel samples as noted above. Aurion also conducted an airborne ZTEM and MAG survey and purchased an ASTER analysis and ½ meter satellite image and topography Cassini Resources held the property for two years, conducting only modest mapping and sampling.  The Cassini work added significantly to anomalies generated by Aurion, and has delineated a great drill target on Breccia Hill in an area measuring about 1800 feet by 3000 feet.  

Project Potential and Exploration Scenario:

The Quinn project represents an excellent early stage Carlin-type gold target. Alteration is widespread, the stratigraphy is favorable, and geochemistry is compelling: undrilled jasperoids carrying >1 g/t over any length are very few and very far between in Nevada. Soil sampling on the claims just to the northeast carried up 34 g/t gold, indicating that the system can carry some high values. While the NFS land status represents a hindrance, it is greatly outweighed by the positive features of the project.

Going forward, the project should be explored in a straightforward manner. Geologic mapping and rock chip sampling would be the first order of business, likely followed up with soil sampling.  Two very compelling drill targets are obvious (see cross section for one) and others would certainly be developed with further efforts.

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