Speedway Project

Lease Status: Available

Exploration Target: Very shallow Carlin-type gold mineralization.

Property Highlights:

  • Speedway is a large system with widespread alteration with anomalous to ore-grade rock chip gold.  
  • There are several untested structural intersection loci for jasperoids that carry +1 g/t gold and strong Carlin-type pathfinder geochemistry.       
  • There has been very little historic drilling, none on the drill targets below, and no soil sampling has ever conducted.
  • It is situated in a “new”, under-explored terrain of Western Utah with attractive host rocks.


The Speedway Project is located in west Utah near Wendover and is situated in a block of permissive upper Paleozoic carbonate and calcareous clastic rocks.  This area has received relatively little attention from gold explorers, especially in the last 20 years.  The relatively new discovery of a large gold resource at Long Canyon and recent success at Goldstrike, Utah, in the eastern Great Basin suggests that this region deserves further attention.

Widespread surface alteration with good geochemistry has invited a significant amount of surface rock chip sampling at Speedwar with strong results.  Jasperoids and altered calcareous siltstones carry up to 2.5 g/t Au, with 43 of 860 samples carrying over 0.300 g/t Au.  These anomalies extend over an area of at least 2.7 miles by 0.6 miles and are only limited on the northwest by post-mineral, alluvial cover.  Pathfinder elements of As, Sb, Hg, and Ag are also strongly anomalous throughout the area. See gold in map.

Land Status:

The entire project is under BLM ownership and the project is held 100% with Genesis Gold mining claims.  There are no known land or environmental issues.  Newmont's Long Canyon Mine is visible from the foothills of Speedway.

Potential and Exploration Scenario:

The Speedway project has the potential to develop into a multi-million ounce Carlin-type gold deposit.  Permissive host rocks, alteration, and good geochemistry are spread over several square miles and likely extend at shallow depths under post-mineral cover.  



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