Genesis Gold is a private Utah corporation, owned and managed by two exploration geologists, focused on generating high quality mineral properties in the western US.


Genesis Gold corporation is owned and managed by two geologists, Don Merrick and John Zimmerman.  Both have more than 30 years exploration and management experience in Nevada and the western US.

Don100 1555bDon Merrick - CO-CEO

Don Merrick has been active in Great Basin gold exploration for over 30 years and been involved in several successful exploration efforts. For 12 years Mr. Merrick was the primary project generator and evaluator for BHP Minerals International in the Great Basin. He has also generated quality prospects for numerous other mining companies including: Newomont, Barrick, Asarco, Plexus, Santa Fe Gold, Euro-Nevada, and Gold Fields. Since leaving BHP, he has done grubstake generative work for Gold Fields and Kennecott optioning properties to Gold Fields, Western Mining, andMK Gold. Most recently, he helped found Gateway Gold Corp. where as VP Exploration he discovered over 2.4 million ounces of gold. In addition to Nevada, he has work in Central America, China, and Russia.

photo2John Zimmerman - CO-CEO

John Zimmerman was the co-discoverer of the Chimney Creek (Twin Creeks) Mine (20 million oz. Au), and as a result has an enviable reputation in the Industry. He is an expert in Carlin-style exploration and has been a consistent producer of quality opportunities in western US gold exploration since 1980. Mr. Zimmerman has been active in all phases of exploration including strategy, planning, budgeting, property evaluation, and project generation. He has contributed to the success of several prosperous explorers including Newmont, Goldfields Mining, and Meridian Gold. Most recently, he directed all Great Basin gold exploration fo BHP Minerals International. In addition to Nevada he has worked in China and South America. In China, he strongly recommended focusing on one of 14 properties and it has since proven a +2 million resource.


The managers of Genesis Gold are geologists that have shown their exploration expertise with a track record of numerous exploration successes, both in Nevada and elsewhere. We have demonstrated that we know a great opportunity when we see one. Below is a list of our successes, both direct discoveries, and other properties that were recommended for acquisition before a major resource was identified or whose potential was unrecognized:


Gold ounces

Chimney Creek/Twin Creeks, Nevada       


Leeville, Nevada


Song Jiagou, China                                 


Birkachan, Russia


Big Springs, Nevada


Santa Fe, Nevada


Standard Mine, Nevada


Kings Canyon, Royal Zone, Utah                                  


Island Mountain, Nevada




 Twin Creeks Gold Mine, Humboldt County, Nevada


Genesis Gold was incorporated in 1998 and since then has been continually active in the western US generating high quality prospects. Capitalizing on our experience, contacts, and expertise, Genesis has generated first-rate properties for many corporations, from the titans of the industry to start-up juniors. Current and past lessors and partners include Barrick Gold, Newmont Mining, Midway Gold, Altan Gold, Gateway Gold, Victoria Gold, Aurion Resources, Ely Gold & Silver, Nevada Exploration, and WPC Resources.


Nevada Projects

Locations 2017a all

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