Gold Prospecting in Nevada

Gold prospecting is a challenging endeavor in a heavily explored area like Nevada. Surface exposures have been crawled over numerous times since the beginning of the modern gold rush in the 1970’s. Most of the best looking areas have been drilled, many more than once. In spite of that, Nevada and the western US are still producing big gold discoveries and are excellent places to prospect for gold. Barrick is currently drilling out a new discovery, Gold Rush, one of the biggest gold deposits every found in Nevada.

For success in this environment, it is crucial to have the experience and knowledge to sort the wheat from the chaff. Many key indicators are very subtle and only learned with years in the field, such as critical alteration features or key stratigraphic units. We have that knowledge and experience and we put it to use everyday to come up with new and exciting prospects. For example, we used our knowledge and insight to acquire a property (leased) immediately on trend with the Gold Rush discovery, only 2 kilometers from the currently defined orebody.

Technology and Experience Combined

Genesis Gold is a private company specializing in gold prospecting in Nevada. We identify and acquire for excellent exploration projects and make them available to clients. We know that Nevada and the entire western US are rich in mineral deposits, and we are eager to discover them. We work as a team and put extra effort to finding great areas for exploration and mining.

It takes a high level of expertise and ample knowledge to find gold deposits. Owners Don Merrick and John Zimmerman, both have more than three decades of experience in gold exploration and management. They are experts in the field and know what prospecting technique works for a particular location. These two successful geologists have worked for mining companies large and small throughout the world for many years before starting their own business.

Finding prospective gold deposits is difficult, but we use effective methods to make it easier. Talk to the Genesis Gold team if you’re planning to conduct gold exploration in Nevada. We have a list of available properties ready for acquisition. Contact us today for your inquiries.

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