Finding Gold in Nevada

A large percentage (79%) of all the gold produced in the United States comes from Nevada. Many groups are active exploring for more gold discoveries in the state. Finding great gold exploration targets, however, is not an easy job. It takes time, knowledge, and experience to pinpoint areas with great potential mineral deposits. Working with reliable prospectors is a good way to find a project with high exploration potential.

Genesis Gold is the name you can trust when it comes to gold exploration properties. We know how to find gold in Nevada, and we want to share a rewarding business opportunity with you. We use our experience, expertise, and database to locate mining prospects within and around the state. We are experienced geologists and have a track record of success. We have generated and leased numerous exploration properties in the past 15 years and some of our newly located projects are available for sale or lease.

The Art and Science of Gold Prospecting

Gold prospecting in Nevada is a challenge as there has been a great amount of previous work and a lot of current competition. Our long term experience there provides us with a competitive advantage over much of the less experienced competitors. There is an art to knowing the subtle indicators of mineralization, and science in being able to locate the proper geologic environments.

Commercial prospecting is our business. We have been doing it for years for both major mining companies and junior explorers. Our current portfolio of gold projects could be your next gold or silver mine. Contact us to learn about the exploration projects we offer.

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