Silver Mining in Nevada

Silver is one of the most sought after metals because of its many benefits. It’s a good conductor of electricity and raw material for jewelry making. It also has many uses in medicine, energy and chemical production. The demand for silver continues to increase as technology improves.

Exploration requires a large amount of capital, skill and time. You need to find the best projects to have a good chance for success. It would be wise to consult with experienced project generators before buying or leasing a silver exploration property. Genesis Gold is a team of reliable gold and silver prospectors. Managed by experienced geologists, Don Merrick and John Zimmerman, the company focuses on generating precious metal prospects in Nevada and the western United States.

A Good Place to Find Silver

Officially known as the “Silver State,” Nevada boasts a large number of silver deposits scattered across vast public lands. Many of these are concentrated in the epithermal deposits of the Walker Lane, a major belt along the western border of the state. Many other deposits occur elsewhere including sediment hosted systems, epithermal deposits, and lead-zinc-silver districts.

Silver is important to Nevada’s history and economy. Nevada is now a popular gaming and vacation spot, but it remains one of the largest sources of precious metals in the US.

A Promising Business Venture

Silver exploration in Nevada could bring a major discovery. Talk to our team to learn about the properties with the highest exploration potential. We have generated a high quality portfolio of projects, several of which are available for lease. Inquire now and be the owner of a high quality silver exploration property.

Making the right investment is the key to becoming successful in silver exploration. Contact us to find out about the projects we offer in Nevada and the entire western US.

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